Session 2 (12aug2013)

After I found out what I had to find, it was now just a matter of looking. I started digging, but got nowhere fast. After about 30 minutes it was clear this would take awhile. I turned to redcap and shook my head, I’m gonna need some time. He offered his place above the bar to lay low while I scoured the matrix. I grabbed a drink and went upstairs. A few hours later, the bar closed and the group turned in for the night, except for me. I was still hard at work. Thankfully Redcap grabbed me a Red Taurus energy drink. As the night quickly ran by, I searched everywhere I could. Finally, I found something. Apparently Ijara has been particularly interested in our guy. It was about 9am when I could finally find enough on them to show they were the next guys we needed to look at. I talked with the guys and promptly caught some sleep. Our next move was to get more information on Ijara. We scoured our contacts and I scoured to matrix again for any leads as to their movement or any of their properties that may be a good place to hold the good doctor. After pouring over tax returns and land deeds we found a list of Ijara assets besides some fast food franchises or a few corporate high-rises, a warehouse in Jackson stood out. I’d bet a lot of neuyen that he’s there.

After hanging up on Redcap, Jack made his way over to the Old Shillelagh. Not a bad place to do business, even if he was more used to a briefing room than a bar. Drinks were better. Sitting down with Redcap and Link, he brought himself up to speed on the situation. Just investigation work, not extraction. The payout seemed a little low, but it seemed like Redcap just wanted him around for security, so he couldn’t exactly complain. After accepting, he left them to their business and went out to get a new jacket for the occasion: the armored kind. Normally he shied away from buying runner gear legit, but he needed it quick, and body armor was unlikely to raise many eyebrows in Detroit. After picking up the gear he contacted Redcap again, and found out that their inquiries would likely last the rest of the night. He decided to head back home and get some shut eye.

Rising again early in the morning, he set out shortly after completing his morning routine. The new job, even as scant as it was, had given him some new vigor. He drove back to Redcap’s office to find Link still there, hard at work and developing the eye bags characteristic of deckers on the long haul. After some chitchat with Redcap about what he had uncovered so far, Link popped in with news about Ijara. Redcap went out to talk to a few friends, while Jack leaned back and mused on how useless he was feeling at the moment. Back in Horizon, all the research had already been done by the time he and the rest of the Cyclops were brought in to things. Obviously, the shadowrunning world couldn’t afford such niceties; he’d have to figure out a way to bring more to the table during the fact-finding phase. He could go and have a talk with Liquid Ferret…. he grimaced. No, better save that for a truly desperate time.

Fortunately he was saved from his thoughts by Redcap’s return. After shaking Link awake, they pooled what they had found. Their employer was looking to be Schumacher’s company, Merril. Good to know, but didn’t get them any closer to finding him. One of Link’s friends helped narrow the field, and after another few hours of tense hacking work for him and incredible boredom for Jack, they found a good lead on a possible place the good doctor could be being held: an Ijara-owned warehouse outside the city. Link started trying to confirm the doctor’s presence remotely, but Jack figured that it might be his time to step in. The jacket might not have been necessary after all.


Well, the kid made his money last night. Either the things I needed him to find were locked away tight somewhere on the ‘net, or he’s not very good at this. I’m hoping it’s the former, and we’re going to find out very soon.

While he was busy tap-tapping away, I made a few meets. Nothing earth-shaking (other than the new secretary at Crowley’s office – I’ve stopped giving a shit whether he finds them or makes them) from my favorite barrister or the good detective. Stasch was at least in a decent mood – impressive considering the little tidbit about Merril dropping KE for Lonestar. He’s either more of an optimist than I thought, or he really gives that small of a shit.

This whole job is feeling like an audition for something bigger. Not that the old professor isn’t worth his weight in silver, but why hire runners for a legal job? There’s either something more to this or something bigger coming down the river. I’m not quite ready to go all Johnny Date-Rape in front of my new friends so I can take a looksy at the warehouse Link found, but I don’t know if I have a choice. I might cost us all a lot of money if we turn over the information before we’re sure.


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