Scott Douglas (Link)


Scott has a thinner build and stands about 5’7". He has brown hair. He’s cleaner cut and has a middle class appearance with his attire.



LOGIC 5(6)
EDGE 4/5
Max 9

Karma 7
ACTIVE SKILLS: Skill Groups Cracking 3, Electronics 2, Single skills Cybercombat 6, Electronic Warfare 6, Hacking 7, Computer 6, Hardware 6, Software 6, Automatics 4, Etiquette 3, Negotiation 4, Pistol 2, Armorer 4, Pilot Ground 2.

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS: Runner Hangouts 1 (Street), Corporate Security 2 (Professional), Corporate Interests 2 (Professional) Detroit 1 (Interests), Corporate Politics 2 (Professional), Corporate Systems 3, Corporate Products(Ares) 3 (Professional).
LANGUAGE SKILLS: English N,French N, Russian 2 L33tspeak 2, Corp 1,
QUALITIES: SINner (Corporate SIN)(+25), Analytical Mind (-5), Codeslinger (-10), Bilingual (-5)

Cyberwear Gear
datajack 0.1 1000
skilljack (Rating 2) 0.2 40,000
Cerebral booster (Rating 1) 0.2 31,500

programs (Armor h, Browse c, Biofeedback Filter h, Edit c, Encryption c, Hammer h,Signal Scrub c, Toolbox c), 1,070
Corporate Security Procedures knowsoft (Rating 2) 4,000

Fake SIN (4) Robert Skillman 10,000
-Fake Licence (4) for FN HAR 800
-Fake Licence (4) for Smartgun system 800
-Fake Licence (4) for Cyberdeck 800
-Fake Licence (4) for Hacking Programs 800
-Fake Licence (4) for Autopicker 800
-Fake Licence (4) for Stealth tags 800

Fake SIN (4) Frank Willson 10,000

Wearable Gear
Glasses(3) w/Low light, Flare compensation, Image link 775
Ear buds(3) w/Audio Enhancement(3) 1,650
Armor jacket 12 1000
Full Helmet 500

Omni-directional microphone(6) w/Audio enhancement(3),Select sound filter(3) 2,550
DocWagon platinum contract 25000
Renraku Tsurugi [DeviceRating 3, Atts 6553, Programs 3] 214,125
Meta Link commlink(Device Rating 1) 100
lockpick set 250
Middle Lifestyle (2 months), 10,000
Autopicker 6 3,000
Endoscope 250
Binoculars 3 150
-Thermographic vision 500
-vision Magnification 250
-Low light Vision 500
Area Jammer 4 800
Transys Avalon 6 5,000
20 Stealth tags 200
Sequencer 4 1000

FN HAR w/Top mounted External Smartgun system 2,265
Acc(5(7) Dmg(10P) AP Mode(SA/BF/FA) RC Ammo(35c)
5 Spare clips 25
175(5) Regular Assault Rifle Rounds 360
100 Hollowpoint Assault Rifle Rounds 700

Yamaha Pulsar w/Laser Sight 505
Acc(6) Dmg(7S)e) AP Mode(SA) RC Ammo(4m)
40 darts 200

GMC Bulldog 35,000

Nuyen: 11,400
Frank willson 3,000

Corporate wageslave 3-3

Mike Golbin (Con 2/ Loyalty 2) (Corporate Security Sargent)

Mike Golbin is a Sargent with Knight Errant.

Jake (Con 4/Loyalty 3)(Fixer)

A man known simply as “Jake” is the guy who can find/get/learn just about whatever it is that you need. He has been the middle man in many runner’s operations over the years and knows a guy for just about anything.

Scott Douglas first came to know Jake while he was working his desk job at Ares. He wanted to know about what was going on in Ares and Scott gave him what he needed. Anything from the big changes to next years Rifle models, to where Ares was going to deploy Knight Errant in force next. Although the knowledge wasn’t cutting edge, it was always one step ahead of the other guys.

It was through Jake that Scott got into running. He pointed Scott to the right people and places to survive in the shadows.

Zack Falk (Con 3/ Loyalty 3) (Tech Dealer)

Zack was a collage friend of scott. They got to be pretty good friends in their freshman year. Zach didn’t really have the drive to make it in collage grade wise, but his parents had the pocket book for him to keep trying. It was after his 4th freshman year that they finally realized it was a waste of their money. He spent his time dropping out with various hallucinogens like weed and LSD. He was only taking classes “on paper” and never bothered to hide it. It was a shame because he had the talent to make it, and with his parents money and influence he could have done well. Now he spends his time “working” in one of his father’s Tech shops. When he isn’t there he spends his down time in one of the local hipster hang outs. He’s fallen in with a “weird” crowd. Now he’s “ahead of the curve” and “above the corporate squabbling”. This is all topped by his new elf ears that anyone who knew him a few years ago, really aren’t his.


Scott grew up in your average suburb, with a pretty run of the mill family. His father was an Operations Manager for one of Ares’ factories, and his mother was Quebec born homemaker. After graduating High School, having always had an interest in computers, he attended Wayne-Aries Technical school for applied electronics and programming. He then began his life as a standard code monkey for Ares. He worked in many different divisions and did well in the corporate grind but never gained the notice he needed to be anything more then a mid level “drone”. Over his short carrer he became an informant for a local fixer who went simply by the name “Jake”. By the age of 26 he felt a need for more then life behind his computer screen. Having worked on the technical end of weapons development and hearing all of the stories from the field agents and shadowrunners, made him want to “get out of the box” and see the world. He was tired of the rat race and the corporate backstabbing politics, he wanted to see the world for what it was and not what the corps wanted it to be

Scott Douglas (Link)

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