Jack Durand (Zephyr)

Ex-Corporate Covert Op


KARMA: 23/50


  • BODY 5 (7)
  • AGILITY 6 (8)
  • REACTION 5 (6)
  • STRENGTH 5 (7)
  • LOGIC 2
  • ESSENCE 1.45
  • EDGE 0/2

ARMOR: 13 (Stealth Suit), 16 (Armor Jacket), add 2 to either w/ helmet
LIMITS: Physical 7 (9), Mental 4, Social 4
ACTIVE SKILLS: Athletics Group 2 (3), Blades 5, Computer 2, Hardware 3, Locksmith 3, Longarms 4, Perception 4, Pilot Ground 2, Pistols 4, Sneaking 5, Unarmed 4
KNOWLEDGE SKILLS: Building Layouts 3, Corporate Security Systems 3, Infiltration Techniques 3
LANGUAGE SKILLS: English N, Japanese 1
QUALITIES: Ambidextrous, Catlike, Dependents (child support), Distinctive Style (artificial heterochromia), SINner (Corporate Limited), Toughness

AUGMENTATIONS: Bone Lacing [Aluminum], Commlink [Transys Avalon (Rating 6) w/ sim module], Cybereyes [Rating 3, w/ Flare compensation, image link, lowlight vision, smartlink, thermographic vision, vision enhancement 2 & magnification], Cyberears [Rating 2, w/ Balance Augmenter, Damper, Soundlink, Audio Enhancement (Rating 1), Spatial Recognizer], Datajack, Muscle Augmentation (Rating 2), Muscle Toner (Rating 2), Orthoskin (Rating 2), Platelet Factories, Simrig, Shock Hand, Synaptic Booster (Rating 1), Syntharcardium 1

VEHICLES: Toyota Gopher [Handling 5/5, Speed 4, Acceleration 2, Body 14, Armor 10, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Seating 3]

GEAR: Autopicker (Rating 3), Armor Jacket, Catalyst Stick, Cellular Glove Molder (Rating 3), Chisel/Crowbar, Chameleon Suit [Chemical Protection (Rating 2), Non-conductivity (Rating 2), Thermal dampening (Rating 2)], Concealable Holster, DocWagon Contract (Basic), 2 Fake SINs [Rating 4, each with fake licenses (Rating 4, concealed carry, possession of firearms, possession of augmentations)], Gecko Tape Gloves, Grapple Gun (w/ 100m Stealth Rope), Helmet, Low Lifestyle (Two Months), Maglock Passkey (Rating 3), Quickdraw Holster, Sequencer (Rating 3)


  • KATANA Blade, Reach 1, Accuracy 7, DV 10P, AP -3
  • COMBAT KNIFE Blade, Reach -, Accuracy 6, DV 9P, AP -3
  • ARES PREDATOR V Heavy Pistol, Accuracy 5 (7), DV 8P, AP -1, SA, RC -, 15©, w/ silencer, smartlink, normal ammo (80 rounds), APDS rounds (30 rounds), 3 spare clips
  • STREETLINE SPECIAL Hold-out, Accuracy 4, DV 4P, AP -, SA, RC -, 6©, normal ammo (40 rounds), 3 spare clips
  • CAVALIER ARMS CROCKETT EBR Sniper rifle, Accuracy 6 (8), DV 12P, AP -3, SA/BF, RC 3, 20©, w/ silencer, external smartgun, Gas Vent System (Rating 2), normal ammo (80 rounds), APDS ammo (60 rounds), 3 spare clips
  • ENFIELD AS-7 Shotgun, Accuracy 4 (6), DV 13P, AP -1, SA/BF, RC 3, 24(d), w/ external smartgun, shock pad, Gas Vent System (Rating 2), normal ammo (80 rounds), Explosive ammo (30 rounds), 2 spare drums
  • SHOCK HAND Unarmed, Reach -, Accuracy 8, DV 9S(e), AP -5
  • UNARMED Unarmed, Reach -, Accuracy 8, DV 9P, AP -


The dwarven owner/operator of a black clinic, Boris is a shrewd businessman with a friendly, gregarious demeanor that he maintains effortlessly and cheerfully towards anyone that doesn’t fuck with him. A family man and generally decent person attempting to make his way in an indecent world, he and Jack found a lot in common when the two had cause to work together when one of Jack’s corporate assignments took him to Detroit. In fact, it was Boris’s expertise and support that made him consider the area as his new base of operations when his relationship with Horizon fell through.

An unstable street rigger, Liquid Ferret’s mastery over a small army of beat-up drones allows him to indulge in his parallel voyeuristic/paranoid streaks, and also makes him an expert about a lot of dealings in the slums of Detroit. Jack dealt with him in the same mission that introduced him to Boris; however he liked Liquid a great deal less than he did Boris and will only deal with him when he desperately needs intel.



Iach “Jack” Durand was born in the city of Los Angeles in the California Free State, in a poor mixed-metatype neighborhood. Tensions were high, so the various metatypes tended to band together into informal gangs for protection. Growing up, Jack ran with the local elvish gang, the Black Thorns, who were run by an ambitious man named Pryderi “Peter” Nash. Though he was capable enough, Jack never wanted to do anything more than survive, so he became a useful lieutenant for Peter, an association that lasted when Peter went legit. Joining up with the security wing of the Horizon Group, Peter and his former gang members quickly became known for their ability to do, quietly and efficiently, the sort of dirty work that Horizon hated having associated with their brand. With recognition came increased support; the group was formally organized as the Cyclops Squad, and given progressively greater levels of cybernetic augmentation. Now operating under the name “Acmonides” and flush with cash, Jack married his childgood sweetheart Elain Sothi, eventually having a son, Ethan.

Despite the underhanded and somewhat gruesome nature of his profession, Jack never thought to question it. A born follower, his disposition for following orders and never questioning eventually caught up to him as he was assigned to deal with a cell of yakuza who were supposedly stealing company secrets. In reality, it was a set-up: one of the higher ups in Horizon was selling secrets and had arranged for all the security personnel that knew of the leak to be disposed of. Helping them was none other than Peter Nash, who had been brought in on the scheme and helped mop up. Still, he could not bring himself to kill Jack directly, so their yakuza allies set up an ambush. Narrowly escaping with his life, Jack was left to reflect on what his life had become: a disposable commodity who had brought death and mayhem to other “disposable” people. Resolving to think and fight for his own sake from now on, Jack headed east to Denver, then to the NCAS, where he hoped to start a new life, and maybe make enough money to change the world for the better. While in Denver, he started using his new runner handle, “Zephyr”.

Jack stands a little over six feet tall, with blond hair held back by a broad headband. One eye is obviously cybernetic, as the “trademark” of the Cyclops Squad was to have one biological-looking cybenetic eye and one obviously artificial eye, but the rest of his augmentation is basically invisible to the naked eye. In person, he is ambiable enough, though he tends to be taciturn and self-depreciating. On missions he is more at ease, able to drop into the persona of a professional operative. Though he is technically divorced from his wife, it was more of a means of protecting them from any retaliation from Horizon; he still misses his family and sends them money covertly whenever he can, and the separation can cause him to sink into states of moroseness.

Jack Durand (Zephyr)

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